Road Trip – Vic to QLD 


I am the eldest of three girls. My sisters and I were born in New South Wales and moved to Queensland when our Dad retired. Queensland was home for all of us for nearly 20 years. When we were all (nearly) out of home my parents decided to sell up the family home, buy a small apartment and a large motorhome and hit the road. 

My sisters and I fell in love and moved away from the area too.

 So now, I live in Central Victoria, my middle sister Dayna lives in Grafton, my youngest sister Corinne lives in Pottsville, and Mum and Dad, twelve years on, are still following the sunshine or visiting one of us in their motorhome. We all don’t like the distance between us. It was just how things happened. We try and have annual family holidays together and try to visit as often as we can. It’s just not as often as we would like. 

So with the Winter school holidays, Ben having meetings in Sydney and Casuarina and wanting to see family, a road trip was the perfect idea. 

We decided to drive straight through to Kiama on the first day so we could be near the ocean and close to Sydney so Ben could go off to his meetings. We hadn’t been to Kiama before. It is so pretty. Gorgeous beaches, and inlets, rainforests, bike riding, parks and of course the blowholes!

 Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the greatest but there is a lot you can do around the area while the sun is hiding behind the clouds. Our cloudy day highlight was the hike up to Minnamurra Falls. It was really spectacular. We saw lots of Lyrebirds scratching around and the rainforest was just stunning. Ben said it was one of the most beautiful walks he has ever done through a rainforest. They have built paths to guide you on your chosen track. The paths are slightly elevated and it feels as though you are floating through the rainforest. We also ate fish and chips by the ocean, we swam (briefly) in the rock pools, we collected shells from the beach, we ate ice cream while watching the blowhole, we watched episodes of Mrs Marple. We thoroughly enjoyed our time together in this cute little town. 

Our accomodation

Rainforest walk

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