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Here + There is about our life and travel adventures. A place to share how travel changes and enhances our everyday lives.
My name is Tash. My husband Ben and our three children, Eden, Kobi and Maya, live on a ten acre farm in Central Victoria. The farm is a place that we have opened up to share with our friends, family and our local community. We are sharing through the produce we grow and opening our barn for gatherings and workshops to local artists and makers. I write about our farm, what is happening in the garden, details of workshops and farming experiences here at
Here + There is a place for me to share in more detail about our daily lives, our adventures and how these blend together.
We love to travel. We love trying new things, seeing new things and learning new things. Travel for us is not about escaping our daily lives, but about learning ways to enhance our daily lives. We travel to places that are meaningful to us in culture, tradition, history, food, or lifestyle. There is a real consideration on how our travels will impact us and our current lifestyle.
I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures and what they mean to us.
Tash xx

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